I imagine that when you meet your soul mate, you don’t expect them to be a freckle faced hustler missing her two front teeth. Still, lisping “Wanna be my best friend?” in a worn out southern accent, I sealed the deal at age 5.

Lucky me, I snagged the most beautiful, funny and kind girl in the world to be my partner in crime. She’s the calm in my storm.

A solid 17 years later, after time apart, countries apart and a series of timezone mishaps, we’re still together. After late night phone calls, car rides and breakups, we’re still best friends. Sisters, if you will. And we’ve reached the point that we feel its time to share a little bit of what makes our lives special with everyone around us.

Gestalt; The concept of wholeness. Together we are gestalt. “The whole is other than the sum of the parts”

Welcome to our world.

Love, R & S.


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