Laugh now, Cry later.

Laughing is incredible medicine and it’s the most commonly used medicine between S and I. Our motto is laugh now, cry later. Going back to the moment our friendship was made is a very profound and vivid memory of mine. It’s the moment I met my kindred spirit and as a little girl I walked home after school that day with a certain elation about me that I will never forget. I remember the crisp autumn air and vividly coloured red, yellow, and orange leaves gently falling to the ground. I walked with my head held high that day because I found a best friend, a sister and a partner in crime. I did not need to worry anymore, I had somebody.

After that moment we were inseparable. I was incredibly shy, she was incredibly charismatic and intelligent. Together we created a very solid team. She would punch people in stomach when they teased me and I would always provide the quietness that she needed at certain times. You know you have a real friendship and understanding when you can sit silently at 6 years old and read a book together in the bath tub, finish it, then crack open a new one and find a different nook or cranny to cozy up in.

Now as young adults we still cozy up to read a book or listen to ridiculous podcasts that make us laugh until we cry or to make us cry until we laugh again. We are incredibly self aware, gentle, caring, intelligent women who genuinely want to create positive change in the lives of others as well as our own. S and I do this in many different forms. First we decorate our community with passion, caring and pride but most of all we come alive in the relationships we build for ourselves and the huge extended family we have created. Second we are modest, funny and beautiful and this shows in our deep love for communication, our love for people and their unique personal beauty and the way we always try our best to hold our heads high regardless of the situation. Third we love fashion, especially on a budget and we love to share our ideas of easy DIY projects, funky colour combinations, accessorizing, fun and easy hair and make-up tricks and really cool independent shops and thrift stores.

This is the first time we have decided to pool our creativity together to create something beautiful and as unique as our friendship. We hope you enjoy our form of art expressed through clothing, hair, humour and much more.

Laugh now, cry later because life’s to short to focus on the negative.


R & S


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