All Black E’rything (Almost)

As the honor of making the first “Outfit of the Day” post falls to me, I’m begging for a little patience. I feel as if I’m going to be awkward.

The problem I have with getting dressed everyday is I never know what the weather’s going to be. Living on the west coast, you get a lot of weather changes. Is it going to rain, or maybe it’ll be really foggy. What if, god forbid, the sun comes out?! Then what?

I work in a salon, where I’m allowed a lot of freedom to dress the way I want (read: all the black I want), as long as its professional . For today, I really wanted to wear a pair of shoes that I LOVE. So I based my entire outfit on that.

I have so many favorite parts to this outfit. The shoes, obviously. But the dress is also new and one of my favorites. I paired it with a coral blazer to break up the all black for once. Its brighter then I would normally wear for mid-fall but I was feeling a little fun today. The best part about this whole outfit? I spent more on my lip stain then I did on any of the other items. I’m also not sure if I’m proud of that or ashamed.

But I guess that’s the fun of personal style. I love high fashion, love runway fashion. But I’m also from a small town, and I’m a student. I know my shopping limits and I try to stay within them. It doesn’t mean I have to be unfashionable!

And I had to rock the topknot today. I find it versatile and fun, but still businesslike. I spend a lot of time moving and talking during the day and I don’t love having my hair in my face.

And I matched my nail polish.

Don’t get used to it.

The best part of this day was spending time with Rudi and Billie. Who’s Billie? I’m so glad you asked.

Billie is Rudi’s Boston Terrier. She’s the funniest, sweetest dog ever. And she’s also a little bitch. We were mad at each other last night so I think she was making up to me by being so cuddly and lovely today. The whole point of what we’re trying to do here I think is spend some time together. Our blog is about fashion and hair and makeup, for sure. But at the core its about having something that we share, that we can take a few minutes from our separate, and busy, lives to laugh about.

And laugh we did. One day we’ll share the outtakes from this little photo shoot.

Love, S.


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