midterms, lobster claws and woodshed laughs ( all in a days work)


There has been a lot accomplished today. First of all I decided to skip my substance abuse class so that I could study for my indigenous anthropology midterm…and thank god I did. By the end of that sucker my hand was cramped up into the shape of a lobster claw and my right eye lid was twitching…but I reigned triumphant. What seems to help me tackle scary exams is to think of it as tactical warfare, I have rituals that include me talking myself up in the mirror…You got this girl!….You’re awesome!…Girl, you go get DOWN with your bad self!….This exam has got nothing on you! In all seriousness though, anytime I do something that scares me like a job interview or exam I wear my late grandmothers emerald earrings. She is the embodiment of the woman I aspire to be, so I like to channel her beautiful energy to help me remain confident. 

After I recovered from the cramped lobster claw and the stressed eye twitch only the triumphant feeling remained. I had just completed my first anthropology exam and answered all the questions to the best of my ability. I was elated because for a moment all my research papers and workshop stress fell away and I focused on my achievement.

But lets get down to business. My outfit of the day today was all about comfort mixed with earthy cuteness. Anytime that I need to perform in life I feel much more confident if I put together an outfit to be proud of and one that makes me feel good. When I woke up this morning the first thing I heard was the heavy falling west coast rain….beautiful. I went through a ka-billion legging ensembles but nothing seemed to fit right, so I reached for my long sleeved black maxi dress and everything fell into place. I paired the dress with a rad leather belt that I found in my favourite consignment shop,threw on wooly socks, leather lace up victorian boots, tucked my hair into a wooly toque and slipped into my favourite jean jacket. I felt great. I was ready to battle this midterm to the death, but wearing an outfit like this matched with my need for success….there was only one winner. Me. 

By the time S rolled up I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and she really lifted my spirits with laughter and the love only a best friend can shine upon you. She moved all of my lamps into the direction of my face so that she could get that special shot….and many special shots she got… haha! After finding heavy clay cats, fighting with Billie, moving furniture, incidental duck faces and discovered holes in my woolies we ended up in the wood shed laughing our asses off in the dark. Sometimes taking photos isn’t easy…but always fun.  

As much as this day has been busy and filled with anxious exam stress…it has been phenomenal. I would like to leave you on this note ( please imagine me tough talking to myself in the mirror this morning)



To all you babes out there…Keep doing your thing, its working. 





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