Sunday Funday.

Sundays! The perfect day to hang out and go on fun adventures. Luckily we live in a place that explodes with strange and wonderful activities to fill a rainy fall day.

S: Okay so going to bluegrass brunch was the greatest way to start our Sunday. BGB is a couple local artists, one is our friend Jack, and they get together and play and we eat bacon and drink. Its pretty much the best thing ever.

R: I agree. It makes me so happy. Not just my insides, though the food is amazing. Its just the atmosphere makes me so happy. The old pub, the pictures on the wall. All the familiar faces!

S: Yeah it’s like Cheers! Where everyone knows your name.

R: *laughs*

So we took this picture standing out in Cumberland telling stories. Always laughing about something.

S: As much as I loved my outfit today, I did not think it through. I swear it was sunny(ish) when I left home this morning. I broke my own rule about wearing layers and I was COLD. I just love those “leather” leggings so much. Paired up with my favorite combat boots, a loose knit sweater and a pashmina, I was feeling pretty fly this morning. Until I started freezing my ass off.

R: I will testify to the comment S made about it being sunny in the morning, it’s true and the weather in October is a fickle friend. When I woke up on this temperamental October day I wanted to be comfortable above all else. So naturally I reached for my favourite dark wash skinny jeans, a grey V-neck, brown leather victorian boots and of course one of my all time favourite cowichans that my great grandmother made to keep me warm and toasty… Come at me weather. 

S: These were shot in front of the Ilo-Ilo theater in Cumberland. It was built in 1914 and Ilo-Ilo means “Place of Variety” in Japanese. I think it sums up the Comox Valley pretty well. There’s always something rad and different going on here. Something for everyone. Also, how dope are our boots?!

R: Speaking of variety, on the docket this sunday funday was the spirit fair…amazing. This fair was all about tea leaves, palm readings and chakras. I loved it and S did as well but she was much more pragmatic about the whole thing….“Hey S! if you hold this crystal for long enough it will get to know your energy!”  “Oh really? Will it answer my phone, take messages and  make me a sandwich at that point?! I’ve been feeling as though I need an assistant.”  I responded “Hey, you never know!”   The whole shebang was hilarious, my mother even joined us (queen of chakras and meadow dancing) which made it even more hilarious and fun. We did want to get our palms read but…50 dollars for a half an hour!! NOT.  Thanks though spirit fair… it’s been a slice. 

R: Oh right on! They’ve been smudging, no wonder there’s such good energy in here 🙂 “Hey S! its a smudge stick!” 

S: Yeaaaah. The look on my face directly translates into “What the hell is that thing. Is it dead?”  I’m not sure what constitutes good energy. But that place had it.

S: As far as days go, this was one of the best. And through it all, we laughed tons. Thats kinda the thing, you know. Laugh now, cry later? It’s not just a motto for us. Its actually how we go about life. Jokes are the way we deal with things. And we’ve had plenty of tears, god knows. But we always come out swinging, laughing and looking good. We must be doing something right.

R: I have to agree with S, laughing is our special medicine… we don’t need our palms read to balance ourselves. Lucky for us we have each other and thats just the thing, its not what you do it’s who you do it with. When we stepped out of the building we were too busy giggling that we barely noticed the blustering winds rolling off the ocean right into our faces… As per usual we felt silly. We decided to end this post on a funny note ( of course) in front of the gorgeous I-HOS gallery in Comox. Can I point out again how rich in culture, activity and variety this Valley is?

To those who live here, you’re picking up what I’m dropping down.

And to those who don’t live here… Come visit


R & S


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday.

  1. This blog just makes me wish I could spend my storm days along side of you gals, laughing, giggling and blowing away with style. It is quite an interesting take on a windy day. I love it. thumbs up girls!

  2. You girls are such a inspiration to make everyday a little more flashy with some fun outfits and good laughs. Life is such a drag in boring winter clothes. You make it fun. Thanks for sharing the fun!

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