Cognitive Dissonance. Or How I Learned To Love The Poncho.

Part of what makes living in the Comox Valley so perfect is the surroundings.

Fall is heaven. The golds and reds on the trees right now are stunning and I absolutely adore an autumn storm. There’s just something about the wild wind and rain that gives me a fierce, aching joy.


I based my outfit today mostly on the fact that it’s really stormy. But I also wanted to touch on my feelings about ponchos. I have this… reluctance to accept the poncho. I see it as something tasseled and hideous in my mind, even though I know it’s grown and evolved to stylish new heights.

The way I try and view fashion is – “if you’re not out of your comfort zone, you’re not going anywhere.”

I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I didn’t wear heels because I was self conscious of my height. I never pushed myself out of what was comfortable and safe. But as I started getting to know who I was, I started feeling stifled by my own appearance. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and into a place where I was unsure but I was also excited and challenged.

Which brings me back to the poncho.


I didn’t think I could rock it. I would try one on, talk myself out of getting it.

“It looks silly, you’ll never wear it”

Well guess what, Self. I’m wearing a poncho today. And I’m killing it.


Ahhhh the poncho. I’m feeling it. I’m wearing leather leggings with it. And camel colored suede booties. I like the contrast of wearing different textures. It gives a lot of visual interest to any outfit.

The rest is easy. I curled my hair with a flat iron and tucked it up in a clip. Simple and effective. I used Jane Iredale mineral makeup for a soft, matte face, dusty rose blush and serious false lashes. I am a slave for false lashes. Tie in the dark plum nail polish and I am fully fall ready.

The joke today is on me. I keep trying to convince myself that I can’t do things. I can’t wear leather pants, I can’t rock a poncho. I’m too tall for heels. And then I actually force myself to wear those things and all of a sudden I’m superwoman! I can wear all the clothes! Paint all the nails! Do all the things!

To the babe who thinks she can’t, you can. I promise. It’s worth it to at least try. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Love, S. 


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance. Or How I Learned To Love The Poncho.

  1. Technically that’s a shawl. A poncho doesn’t have an open front. But I LOVE it and I love your whole look! Autumn is my favourite. Excited to see more posts. I will IG a funny picture of myself wearing my mum’s 70’s crocheted poncho when I was a teenager. I still have it, actually, It is basically the poncho of your nightmares.

    • You’re totally right. I’m pushing the limits of poncho on this one. It does button closed but I don’t really think that counts. I’m REALLY looking forward to your IG poncho! And now that I’m over my fear, I think it’ll be more like the poncho of my dreams.

  2. I’ll crochet a granny square poncho for you….cos I lived in the 70’s eh?
    someday you are going to have to teach me how to put on false eyelashes…I can’t get them on cos I have to take my glasses off to do it LoL…I end up with them mostly on my nose!

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