I have decided to title this post “LIKE A BOSS” because that is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I have been walking with a certain bounce in my step and my head held high… I’ve been smiling from the inside out. I think it has something do with feeling confident in myself and living my life to the fullest. I am a full time student studying social work and I have the most amazing class that just so happens to be a wonderful extended family/support group and amazing personal cheerleaders.  My school career is in a very good spot right now and I’m writing this in ” LIKE A BOSS” type situation instead of ” LIKE A SLOB” type situation, like I usually feel after midterms. I did remarkably well on my indigenous anthropology whopper of a midterm with a score of…Image

So yeah, scores like that don’t always happen to people like me. I can safely say that I absolutely deserved this mark with all of the dedication, anxiety and stress I put into reading that text book… Which is so heavy it could kill a small animal. I also LOVE the subject matter so that always helps! Im glowing with pride and it has fueled my fire even more to succeed and follow my dreams wherever they take me. 

That being said, I decided to rock this thursday like the BOSS that I am and wear a power outfit to match my glowing pride in my academic self. I woke up pretty much knowing what I wanted to wear… I love those kinds of days. I threw on a bright orange and black button down sheer high low shirt, black leather looking pants, scooped my hair into a power braid, slipped into black studded heeled ankle booties and to finish it off I chose a black double breasted blazer with a kickin’ coat tail. I am woman, hear me roar. 



What I like about this outfit is its ability to function comfortably for the entire day… 8:30 am to 9 pm.  I wasn’t uncomfortable once, which is great. The orange and black colour combination is not only stunning and contrasting but it is perfect for this time of year… Halloween. Halloween just so happens to be one of my favourite days, I like it because you can express yourself through any type of costume you want! Go ahead and scare the shit out of yourself and your friends, dance, laugh… Eat candy. I tried to gather the essence of this special halloween time in a chic and stylish way. 

ImageI want to mention this blazer, I ADORE this blazer and I only wear it when I want to rock that certain type of come at me world style. Every girl needs a clothing item that makes her strut her stuff, this is one of mine. Maybe it’s the conductor feel to it, it makes me want to orchestrate my life the way I see fit! I feel professional, comfortable and motivated when I wear this rad blazer. Is it weird that clothing has this much of an effect on me? Needless to say this whole outfit encompasses the feeling of me being a BOSS in my own life. 

At the end of the day I stopped in and hung out with S… Speaking of BOSSES. As per usual we chit chatted, drank tea and laughed… Alot. We both just flopped down into a comfy spot and agreed that today was a very busy day… But we rocked it LIKE A BOSS. ImageAnother successful one under the belt.

To all the babes out there embracing your inner BOSS… You go girl. Keep getting down with your bad self.






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