The Queen of Crunch Time Land… ( A compelling story of procrastination )

Well the title says it all!  I have crowned myself with the honour of   “Queen of crunch time”…  I’m terrible for leaving things to the last moment. I view my procrastination habits as a ridiculous,avoidable and addicting adrenaline rush. I always tell myself in the moment of panic… I am never going to do this again. LIES. I just keep on doing it! But hey, I always do the assignment to the best of my ability, get it in on time and get a decent mark… But my sanity is hanging by a thread!.  Meh, It’s worth it… but is it?! 

Yup, the fortune cookie understands me…

Moving on,  I feel as though it is important to mention Halloween. S came over and we descended into the dude zone… Or my brothers basement area to watch a scary movie… But not just any scary movie… After ten years we decided we were ready for Pet Semetary again! Wrong…

Before: ” Come at us Pet Semetary!! “

… And then…

After: ” DANG, Pet Semetary… YOU SCARY! “

Yeeaaaahhh… Just a couple of scared babes. 

Anyways! Back to the Queen of crunch time… I have been feeling a little low and burnt out lately. It’s research paper season and I have been dragging my ass big time.  I realized today that I have been going about it all wrong… It’s time to embrace the research paper. Easier said that done… I know, BUT today was a new day and I just needed a little extra push towards my new found love for research papers… But how? Ah! It’s so simple… A good outfit is all I need. So without further chitter chatter… I decided to rock a pretty great outfit that helped me get my head out of the hole I put it in and give me the confidence to face the day. I decided on a sheer printed blouse buttoned all the way to the top, accented with a gold collar necklace that catches the light perfectly and it gives the shirt a little… Pop! I tucked my blouse into a high waisted purple leather skirt and finished everything off with lacy tights and black leather victorian lace up boots. I felt great AND confident. 

My hair was reverse french braided on one side and the other side was left to its wild glory. I love the one sided french braid because it’s a great way to show off a statement piece like a gorgeous feather, a chandelier earring or in my case a hand made gold hoop… To match my gold collar of course! 

I felt wonderful and in control of my life today, but as you know… It’s all about the ups and downs baby. I truly did feel like a Queen adorned with gold and lovely clothing, but that alone is not going to ensure that I will make it through this next month in one piece. I have to learn how to prioritize, organize and take one step at a time instead of one giant leap at the last moment… A girls gotta keep her wits about her. On that note, please November be nice to me… Or you’re ass is mine. 

Love, the Queen of Crunch time… I’m more dangerous than I look.  

 To all you babes out there climbing the steps to your goals… Right on babe, you’re almost there. 




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