Shake It Off!

I struggled with how to approach my outfit of the day post today.

I’m stuck wearing a holter monitor for a couple of days. For those of you that don’t know what it looks like. Here it is.

It is a miserable piece of equipment and I hate it. But I’m saddled with it for now and that’s okay.

When I was deciding to choose what to wear today, I had two schools of thought. At first I was thinking “How can I possibly hide this monstrosity?” and that would’ve been okay. And then I started thinking “No! This is a part of who I am for a couple days, I’m going to rock it!”

But that didn’t quite fit either.

And so today when I was getting ready, I finally just said Screw It. This will not dictate who I am, or what I wear. I’ll wear whatever I want, without thinking of the monitorsĀ presence.

So I wore this!

My leggings are from Forever 21, my sweater and jacket are from Winners. I’m wearing lashes, the tutorial will come, I promise.

And here it is. The fashion accessory of the year. Heart monitors.

You know. The whole reason I went ahead and posted today was because I wanted to show that you don’t have to let things stop you from being who you want to be.

I know that there are SO many people out there, struggling every day, with things that they feel stop them from looking the way the want to look. Or even acting the way they want to act. And I was there because I let myself get consumed with how to approach my workday with electrodes stuck to my chest.

But I can see now that you don’t have to let what’s stuck to your chest, take over your life. And you don’t have to let the things that are stuck to your heart, your mind and soul, take over and decide who you’re going to be. Shake off the things that you feel ruin you, physically or emotionally, and rock whatever you want to.

To the babe out there with something stuck on her heart that is holding her back, shake it off!! You’ll never be younger then you are today. You’ll never have another chance at today. Embrace every second. Youth and beauty are fleeting. But if you can keep shaking off the hard things and face each day with a smile, that day will be beautiful.

Love, S.


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