Curiosity Actually Didn’t Kill The Cat.



Curiosity seems to be the lecture trend of the week, like in my conflict management/ mediation class the theme is … When counseling, it is important to remain curious. In my anthropology class… You’ll learn the most from your research paper when you are being curious. Alright, noted!

This curiosity thing was like a mantra for me today and as I moved through each stage of my day I kept repeating this to myself… Curiosity didn’t kill the cat Rudi! Curiosity lead the cat to open its mind and succeed. Luckily I am a naturally curious person and I am always curious about people and their unique story. Everyone has something and I am always open and curious to what that special thing is. 

Today was crazy busy and in the wise words of S, ” Busy bees make all the honey baby”  I felt like I just kept running around and achieving virtually nothing. It’s okay… Just one step at a time…AND remain curious. Today I used this curiosity theme in creating my outfit and I felt pretty confident about it.  I chose an oversized white T shirt, accentuated my waist with a leather tasseled belt, black leggings, brown stripped leg warmers and knee high browny orange boots. I felt comfortable, functional and sexy… Imagine that. 

I accessorized with silver, turquoise and red coral bangles. I also chose to wear a statement necklace that I bought from the Philippines that is made from buttons and shells. I matched it with a smaller  turquoise and shell necklace that my mother gifted to me a long time ago.

I loved this outfit because I was here, there and everywhere today… But always comfortable and confident.I really loved the necklaces because it gave a relatively boring outfit a pretty snazzy touch. Every time I wear this layered necklace from the Philippines I am reminded of the beautiful and life changing experience I had … Not to mention the extended family I created there. 

When the day was done and I packed up my homework for the night, I went downstairs to hang out with one of my younger brothers and my dog Billie. My brother and I  laughed, chased Billie around and watched videos on the internet. So fun. 

Be curious about your life, the people in it and the opportunities that surround you. I am a person that can be notorious for over worrying, tut tut-ting and stress crying but I find that my negative self talk only holds me back… And that can’t happen. So remain curious because that’s what Billie does and she is happy as she can be… Sniffin’ anything that she can. 

So, to all you babes out there reppin’ that curiosity… just remember… Curiosity only killed the scaredy cat. 

Here’s looking at you life! Cause we ain’t no scaredy cat!





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