Busy Bee’s, Bosses and Bad-asses.

Sometimes I would just really like to wear a pretty floral print dress.

Unfortunately, with my tattoos, floral print dresses make me look like curtains. And that’s totally fine. I’m pretty much jazzed to wear black all the time, I love it. But I get comments, constantly, like “Oh, It’s okay on you. You can pull of that look” or “If I looked like you, I would wear that too”

Well, first of all, you can look like me. Start getting tattooed and shave half your hair off. Easy.

BUT if you’re not into the commitment or whatever, you can always just go out and embrace your inner bad ass!

That’s actually what I’ve been into all week. I guess when it rains, it pours and I’ve been drenched in bad news and stress lately. I’ve decided to accept no more. I’m diving deep into the rain waters of bad news.

It’s time to embrace my inner bad ass, rock my outer bad ass and get some stuff done! Busy bees get all the honey, baby!

And I’m a Queen Bee.


I like to call this outfit the “Winners Special”. Everything, except the sunglasses, I was lucky enough to snag from Winners. That sheer blouse with the leather collar? That’s like winning the lottery, in Winners land. A Vera Moda blouse, it’s a gorgeous addition to any girls fall wardrobe.

I paired it with a gold collar necklace, the best leather jacket ever and my (obviously) favorite  leather leggings from Dex. My wallet is Kenneth Cole. My sunglasses were snagged from a local shop, Trousers.

That smarmy grin is genetic.


You don’t need to be covered in tattoos to be a bad ass. You don’t need to wear all black, or shave half your head or present yourself aggressively  In all seriousness, I’m not tough. I cry at sad movies, I cry all the time. I get scared walking alone, in the dark. I’m deathly afraid of spiders. I hate raisins.

I’m just another bee in this hive. But I believe that I am the Queen. I wake up every morning and I go out there and I make my own honey. In my mind and my heart, I’m the BOSS. And I’ve got this.

For the babe out there feeling low and troubled, buck up. Put on your best face and step out against your troubles. You’re not just another girl, you are you. And even though you might feel like your own worst enemy, you’re also your best ally. Stand up for yourself, be the bad ass and show the world who’s boss. I’ve got your back.



p.s. I was in a really fun photo shoot with the ever talented Karen Mckinnon a couple weeks ago. you can check out the shots at http://mckinnonblog.com/another-roots-beauty/


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