The Three C’s.

Life is just whipping by. I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of November!… I swear it was just summer! What comes with the end of November is the end of semester… YAY, UGH, YAY, BLARGH…. I don’t know how I feel about it. Clearly. I am really jazzed for winter break, but there is still SO much work to do! … BUT CHRISTMAS!…. ugh.

Clearly I don’t know what I am talking about… So I will talk about something I do know about and that is the fact that I loved my outfit today! It included the three C’s… comfortable, cute and cheap!  

So this dress is the embodiment of the three C’s. It’s comfortable. It’s cute. It’s cheap… 8 dollars cheap. Awesome! I really enjoy this dress because of its eye catching red and black pattern. It’s high neckline, half sleeves and it’s loose feel create a sort of professional effect, but the pattern still keeps it fun! There is not much you can do with a loud dress like this, so I kept it simple with black cable knit tights, black nail polish, a silver hammered ring and black hoops.

I did my hair in a flurry this morning and luckily for me it seemed to work out! I french braided the one side and left the other side to do what it wants. I have resorted to this hair style quite frequently lately because it’s quick, easy and it looks good… For a girl on the run, those are magic words!  

It has been a busy one folks! I finished a pain in the ass but useful assignment, went to lectures all day and by the time S came over… It was silly time. laughing is really the best medicine… Laugh now, cry later kind of thing. Life is too beautiful to dwell on the negative. I say, ” Thank you for showing up negative!… It’s good to know you’re still kicking about, but you best be going now… I have no room for you here.”  

To all you babes out there, remember a laugh a day keeps the negative away.




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