The Three C’s.

Life is just whipping by. I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of November!… I swear it was just summer! What comes with the end of November is the end of semester… YAY, UGH, YAY, BLARGH…. I don’t know how I feel about it. Clearly. I am really jazzed for winter break, but there is still SO much work to do! … BUT CHRISTMAS!…. ugh.

Clearly I don’t know what I am talking about… So I will talk about something I do know about and that is the fact that I loved my outfit today! It included the three C’s… comfortable, cute and cheap!  

So this dress is the embodiment of the three C’s. It’s comfortable. It’s cute. It’s cheap… 8 dollars cheap. Awesome! I really enjoy this dress because of its eye catching red and black pattern. It’s high neckline, half sleeves and it’s loose feel create a sort of professional effect, but the pattern still keeps it fun! There is not much you can do with a loud dress like this, so I kept it simple with black cable knit tights, black nail polish, a silver hammered ring and black hoops.

I did my hair in a flurry this morning and luckily for me it seemed to work out! I french braided the one side and left the other side to do what it wants. I have resorted to this hair style quite frequently lately because it’s quick, easy and it looks good… For a girl on the run, those are magic words!  

It has been a busy one folks! I finished a pain in the ass but useful assignment, went to lectures all day and by the time S came over… It was silly time. laughing is really the best medicine… Laugh now, cry later kind of thing. Life is too beautiful to dwell on the negative. I say, ” Thank you for showing up negative!… It’s good to know you’re still kicking about, but you best be going now… I have no room for you here.”  

To all you babes out there, remember a laugh a day keeps the negative away.




Adventures and Opportunity.

Sometimes I just want to stay in bed and watch re-runs of Golden Girls all day… But, I don’t. I save Golden Girls re-runs for when I’m cuddled up on the couch with my two best girls, sipping tea and laughing our asses off. I love it. 

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that, sometimes… I just don’t want to get out of bed!. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the tasks of the day, sometimes I have deadlines I don’t want to meet, sometimes I’m just really really comfy and sometimes it’s straight up laziness. When I wake up and I start to feel the impending doom of pulling back the covers and exposing myself to the cold I think … Ugh, here we go again… And then I think… Do it fast, like rippin’ off a Band-aid!  In order for me to do this, I think about all the adventure and opportunity that is waiting for me out there in the world and that usually gets me moving.

But, sometimes it’s a bad day, with bad adventure and squashed opportunity… But those are the days you learn from. I have had a number of these bad days and they suck. These bad days are the main reason I don’t want to get out of bed… I’m scared that the bad day is going to come back and haunt me… Well no more. 

I solemnly swear, that the fear of bad days will no longer affect my morning chipperness… It will only be  affected by the lack of coffee. 

Lately opportunity and adventure have been coming my way and I am beyond excited and a little nervous. S and I visited our old high school this week for various meetings. It was a really nice visit, where we were welcomed, encouraged and thrown a couple of really cool opportunities that could quite possibly turn into rad adventures.  This excitement and drive for success that I have has been reflecting in my outfits this week. So, without further ado… The yes I can outfit! 

The yes I can outfit consists of a short navy blue dress that was purchased from winners. What I absolutely love about this dress is the dramatic sheer sleeves, they just add a certain kind of SHIZAM to the fairly plain but bangin’ mini. I chose grey cable knit tights for warmth and style purposes and then I chose to wear my favorite brown wedges. I felt bomb, inside and out. In this photo I am on the steps of my old high school and in this moment I was so proud of the woman I have become. This power outfit was funky, under control and has a certain amount of allure and flair… Or maybe it was my retro file folder that I was carrying around. 

In all honesty, the best part of this blast from the past high school moment was being able to experience it with my best friend, the one I met in kindergarden, the one that made it through the entirety of grade school with me and the one I walked beside as we strolled down the halls of our old high school… Heads held high. 

So, to all you babes out there celebrating opportunity, adventure and facing a bad day with a smile… I applaud you, babe.



Cloud Talks.

Hello, welcome to cloud talks with S and R… This sunday shared post is being posted late and on monday because of a terrible internet connection that made uploading the video take a number of hours.

So apologies all around, but we hope you enjoy our silliness.

To all you babes out there, lots of love.


R & S

Curiosity Actually Didn’t Kill The Cat.



Curiosity seems to be the lecture trend of the week, like in my conflict management/ mediation class the theme is … When counseling, it is important to remain curious. In my anthropology class… You’ll learn the most from your research paper when you are being curious. Alright, noted!

This curiosity thing was like a mantra for me today and as I moved through each stage of my day I kept repeating this to myself… Curiosity didn’t kill the cat Rudi! Curiosity lead the cat to open its mind and succeed. Luckily I am a naturally curious person and I am always curious about people and their unique story. Everyone has something and I am always open and curious to what that special thing is. 

Today was crazy busy and in the wise words of S, ” Busy bees make all the honey baby”  I felt like I just kept running around and achieving virtually nothing. It’s okay… Just one step at a time…AND remain curious. Today I used this curiosity theme in creating my outfit and I felt pretty confident about it.  I chose an oversized white T shirt, accentuated my waist with a leather tasseled belt, black leggings, brown stripped leg warmers and knee high browny orange boots. I felt comfortable, functional and sexy… Imagine that. 

I accessorized with silver, turquoise and red coral bangles. I also chose to wear a statement necklace that I bought from the Philippines that is made from buttons and shells. I matched it with a smaller  turquoise and shell necklace that my mother gifted to me a long time ago.

I loved this outfit because I was here, there and everywhere today… But always comfortable and confident.I really loved the necklaces because it gave a relatively boring outfit a pretty snazzy touch. Every time I wear this layered necklace from the Philippines I am reminded of the beautiful and life changing experience I had … Not to mention the extended family I created there. 

When the day was done and I packed up my homework for the night, I went downstairs to hang out with one of my younger brothers and my dog Billie. My brother and I  laughed, chased Billie around and watched videos on the internet. So fun. 

Be curious about your life, the people in it and the opportunities that surround you. I am a person that can be notorious for over worrying, tut tut-ting and stress crying but I find that my negative self talk only holds me back… And that can’t happen. So remain curious because that’s what Billie does and she is happy as she can be… Sniffin’ anything that she can. 

So, to all you babes out there reppin’ that curiosity… just remember… Curiosity only killed the scaredy cat. 

Here’s looking at you life! Cause we ain’t no scaredy cat!




Shake It Off!

I struggled with how to approach my outfit of the day post today.

I’m stuck wearing a holter monitor for a couple of days. For those of you that don’t know what it looks like. Here it is.

It is a miserable piece of equipment and I hate it. But I’m saddled with it for now and that’s okay.

When I was deciding to choose what to wear today, I had two schools of thought. At first I was thinking “How can I possibly hide this monstrosity?” and that would’ve been okay. And then I started thinking “No! This is a part of who I am for a couple days, I’m going to rock it!”

But that didn’t quite fit either.

And so today when I was getting ready, I finally just said Screw It. This will not dictate who I am, or what I wear. I’ll wear whatever I want, without thinking of the monitors presence.

So I wore this!

My leggings are from Forever 21, my sweater and jacket are from Winners. I’m wearing lashes, the tutorial will come, I promise.

And here it is. The fashion accessory of the year. Heart monitors.

You know. The whole reason I went ahead and posted today was because I wanted to show that you don’t have to let things stop you from being who you want to be.

I know that there are SO many people out there, struggling every day, with things that they feel stop them from looking the way the want to look. Or even acting the way they want to act. And I was there because I let myself get consumed with how to approach my workday with electrodes stuck to my chest.

But I can see now that you don’t have to let what’s stuck to your chest, take over your life. And you don’t have to let the things that are stuck to your heart, your mind and soul, take over and decide who you’re going to be. Shake off the things that you feel ruin you, physically or emotionally, and rock whatever you want to.

To the babe out there with something stuck on her heart that is holding her back, shake it off!! You’ll never be younger then you are today. You’ll never have another chance at today. Embrace every second. Youth and beauty are fleeting. But if you can keep shaking off the hard things and face each day with a smile, that day will be beautiful.

Love, S.

Monthly Challenge: Thanksgivin’r

This is our sunday shared video post and we are announcing Novembers challenge!

Big thanks to Matthew Hibbard ( our challenge winner ) who came up with this wonderful challenge.

For the next three sundays we will be living, learning and loving new thanksgiving traditions.

We hope you enjoy!


R & S