Lesson Learned.

Hello everyone.

I’m sorry for my absence on the blog lately, I’ve unfortunately been quite sick. As adorable as sweatpants and baggy t-shirts are, they aren’t exactly “Outfit of the Day” Material.

I always struggle with how much of my personal life I want to share here. But lately I’ve been struck by the same thoughts, over and over again. And I figured they would be a good jump off for today’s post.

When I discussed having an autoimmune disease with my doctor, she told me that I would often experience a feeling of isolation. That I was alone, that no one could understand how I was feeling. I find that to be true, quite often. I was talking with someone very dear to me about that feeling, that isolation. We talked about how we often shared the struggle of facing the outside world after being locked away.

I can be standoffish. I can be grumpy and bad-tempered. Especially when I’m struggling with active sickness.

But what I’ve learned recently is that the people who really, truly love you will never punish you for being a grump. I feel like I was reminded of that this past weekend. There’s a couple of people out there, you know who you are, that really showed me what true love is. That no matter what, they’ll always be there. They’ll always check in on you, make sure you’re okay. They’ll hold you close when you need to be held. And they’ll let you go, when you truly need to go.

I’ve been so incredibly lucky to be loved. To have met the people I’ve met, to have loved the people I love.

So when I woke up DREADING the start of the week today, I thought about the people who love me. I thought about the people out there that are cheering for me, on my side. And I decided to rock a power outfit. Show myself a little of that love.

You know your false lashes are big enough when they cast shadows on your cheeks. 

Today’s outfit is brought to you by the color black! Again! I know. So predictable. I am feeling appropriately fierce though. My body suit is from American Apparel. My skirt and Lita Boots are from Urban Planet and my thigh high socks are from Winners. I’m pretty sure I could take on just about anything in this outfit.

What I love a lot about this outfit is, even though its all black, I mixed a lot of texture. Suede boots, cable knit sweater and socks. Sheer skirt. It all layered together really nicely and I feel comfortable. I feel lovely.

The whole basis for rocking a power outfit today was to channel all the love I’ve received lately and put forth a positive attitude. I’m so thankful for the ones out there who truly love me. They’re the reason I am who I am today.

For the babe out there who’s feeling a bit isolated, on her own, look around you. There are people who love you. And when you’ve got good love on your side, you can’t be beat. No matter what.

Forever in black,



Cognitive Dissonance. Or How I Learned To Love The Poncho.

Part of what makes living in the Comox Valley so perfect is the surroundings.

Fall is heaven. The golds and reds on the trees right now are stunning and I absolutely adore an autumn storm. There’s just something about the wild wind and rain that gives me a fierce, aching joy.


I based my outfit today mostly on the fact that it’s really stormy. But I also wanted to touch on my feelings about ponchos. I have this… reluctance to accept the poncho. I see it as something tasseled and hideous in my mind, even though I know it’s grown and evolved to stylish new heights.

The way I try and view fashion is – “if you’re not out of your comfort zone, you’re not going anywhere.”

I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I didn’t wear heels because I was self conscious of my height. I never pushed myself out of what was comfortable and safe. But as I started getting to know who I was, I started feeling stifled by my own appearance. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and into a place where I was unsure but I was also excited and challenged.

Which brings me back to the poncho.


I didn’t think I could rock it. I would try one on, talk myself out of getting it.

“It looks silly, you’ll never wear it”

Well guess what, Self. I’m wearing a poncho today. And I’m killing it.


Ahhhh the poncho. I’m feeling it. I’m wearing leather leggings with it. And camel colored suede booties. I like the contrast of wearing different textures. It gives a lot of visual interest to any outfit.

The rest is easy. I curled my hair with a flat iron and tucked it up in a clip. Simple and effective. I used Jane Iredale mineral makeup for a soft, matte face, dusty rose blush and serious false lashes. I am a slave for false lashes. Tie in the dark plum nail polish and I am fully fall ready.

The joke today is on me. I keep trying to convince myself that I can’t do things. I can’t wear leather pants, I can’t rock a poncho. I’m too tall for heels. And then I actually force myself to wear those things and all of a sudden I’m superwoman! I can wear all the clothes! Paint all the nails! Do all the things!

To the babe who thinks she can’t, you can. I promise. It’s worth it to at least try. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Love, S.